Saturday, July 11, 2009

The week's broadcasts

Alice is headed toward the ancestral home...
Jul 8

Alice did not turn on the TV all day -- not at all in the mood for hagiography...
Jul 7

Alice thinks Mondays don't get any more Monday-y than that! Blah.
Jul 6

Alice Yay! A long slow rain! It's a beautiful thing!
Jul 5

Alice is sipping wine and wondering where the weekend went to?
Jul 5

Alice Oh, so close. Neither player deserved to lose. Roddick was only broken once, Federer twice, and yet Rog gets the cup. Great match, Andy.
Jul 5

Alice is settling in for an afternoon of 5th set tennis...
Jul 5

Alice is ready for her neighbors to be done with the fireworks...
Jul 4

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