Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lots of links you might have missed!

It's been a while and these things do pile up...

How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck -- this is an interesting chart. We're by no means average (we've never carried a car loan, for one thing, and we probably spend more on food and alcohol, even though we don't eat out much), but the proportions seem to be generally true.

• Have you tried goofram yet? It's a combination of google and wolfram|alpha.

• Think you're a geek? Have you mastered the essential skills?

• The Young Republicans have elected an Aryan as their leader.

Barney Frank visited the Daily Show last week.

Just how rich is Fitzwilliam Darcy? (Here's an interesting bit of trivia: Pride and Prejudice is not only my favorite novel, it's also the first book I ever read aloud to Emmie -- starting when she was about a week old.) And speaking of Jane Austen, today is the anniversary of her death.

How's your sense of pitch? (I scored a 26 out of 26 -- which, if you've ever heard me sing, you know must mean that I hear pitch perfectly -- I just can't produce it that way.)

White Men Can't Judge.

Local coverage of Zach Wamp's psooper psekret christian adultery cult (read about yet another C Street philanderer here -- and here!).

You Suck at Craig's List is pretty funny (via Joe. My. God.).

Badass of the Week, featuring Blenda, the Viking Heroine!

Rick Perry is apparently rethinking that whole Texas-as-a-country thing (seriously -- who voted for this guy?).

• If you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, you better go soon.

• Can someone find Glenn Beck a nice small room with soft walls and a good therapist?

• ... and speaking of health care (that's what set Beck off)... Glenn doesn't have it quite right when it comes to France's system. The current American system is fine until you get sick, but will the next one be any better?

• This can't be said enough times: the only thing abstinence-only "education" produces is unbelievably stupid kids.

• I loves me some Usain Bolt footage. He makes all the other best runners in the world look like my grandma.

Understanding our economy.

Drunk people doing yoga.

• And finally, Pat Buchanan: he really stepped in it this week -- even more than usual!


Keera said...

Paycheck: Doesn't look too bad. Doesn't look much different from Norway, except for the health care expenses (we probably spend more on transportation and travel). But I have to wonder where that surplus the average joe ends up with goes to.

Goofram: I'm #2 with "Keera" as search term. Oy.

Geekiness: I am currently surfing the net to figure out how to run Astrolog via X11. It makes me feel geeky. From this list, I realize it is pure illusion.

Barney Frank: I like him (and I agree: It's cruel to give mortgages to people who can't keep them up). Also took a look at the moment of Zen re Swedes marrying Swedes: That was an amazing bunch of HUH?!?

DTT: 26 of 26 hear (!), too. There was one song I could not place at all, but it sounded bad. Throughout the test I kept thinking, this is very US-centric.

Sotomayor: "Please tell me you didn't all come in one hatchback." As a Californian who came of age in the era of hatchbacks, that had me roaring with laughter.

Blenda: I had no idea she was a Swede. Blenda is a brand of laundry detergent in Norway. "Not just white, but Blenda white."

Disappearing reefs: What big an impact will that have on us?

Healthcare: I'd forgotten about the malpractice suits. We don't have 'em. That's not the same as saying there is no recourse for a mistreated patient. We have a patient ombudsman, and one can also report doctors who don't do their jobs well to the county medical office.

Bolt: I happened to catch his win on TV while channel surfing, and the slo-mo of his legs. Amazing limbs!

Drunks doing yoga was not what I was expecting. LOL!

Pat Buchanan: I'm with Michael Moore who claims that every problem he's ever had was caused by a white man. Pat explains why.

(Thanks for all the links.)

alice said...

Re Bolt: one thing I found interesting about watching the slo-mo of the runners' feet was that they don't put their heels down -- and yet the running shoes that are foisted on all us regular folks force the heel down first, sending the impact up the leg... I wonder how many knee, hip and back troubles would be solved by wearing proper shoes...

Keera said...

I took another look. They hit the ground with the balls of their feet, then the whole foot is on the ground, then they're back up on the balls. They have very light-looking shoes. My thought about the footwork is that it may be a special technique for sprinting. A quick Google search confirms that thought.