Sunday, July 26, 2009

Linkiddy doo dah

And here is yet another hodgepodge from the past week...

Bottled water. How do you feel about it? Ripped off? Misled? You should. We got some stainless water bottles earlier this year and they are wonderful -- the openings are big enough to add ice, there are no BPAs in the water we drink, there is no waste for the landfill, and they fit in the bike drink holders. We took them with us on our road trip last month and had no trouble refilling them with ice and cold water at gas stations along the way, and, thanks to our cozies and the added ice, it was so nice to have water that stayed cold for hours after a rest stop.

• This may come as a shock to some, but not all low-income housing has to be ugly.

Anonymous hugging!

This remembrance from Pam Spaulding (apparently my brother's classmate at Stuyvesant!) is the best post I've seen since Frank McCourt died last week.

Abraham & Issac retold.

• I admit that I haven't been consuming much media lately (comcast recently cut us down to just a few worthless channels), but I'm still surprised that since the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. story broke, I haven't heard a single person mention the movie Amos and Andrew.

• On health care: we could be doing a LOT better than we are -- certainly better than BCBS is doing (which is maybe the RNC chair's insurance company -- he's not sure, but he's still trying to kill any chance at reform). Why are some of our representatives dragging their feet? Other systems work. Lewis Black shares some thoughts. And so does Bill Maher (best one ever?).

• I've said it before many, many times, but it bears repeating over and over and over again: the only thing abstinence-only education produces is really freakin' stupid teenagers.

• For the record: calorie labeling is a positive thing. As with many things (including sex -- see above), ignorance can be toxic.

• Here's a shocker: the C-Street Cult (oh, Zach!) story shows no sign of slowing down! Why is disgraced Senator Ensign giving Zach Wamp money? Apparently, it's a secret! Unfortunately, in other marriage defender/marriage non-honorer news (AKA republican sexual hypocrites), Tennessee still picks the winners.

Jimmy Carter is challenging the Southern Baptist Convention's sexism -- but is he making any sense?

• Pat Buchanan: Why do you keep talking? You're making Lou Dobbs look good. Even Rachel, who often refers to you as "Uncle Pat," thinks you're a misinformed douche.

• Today was Sarah Palin's last day. Top Ten observes the occasion.

• Lastly, this just leaves me gasping for air. And Jimmy Carter thought the Baptists were bad! Ha!

• And finally, I posted this on facebook about a week back, but if you missed it there, you might enjoy it here. I apologize to everyone who attended my wedding, because it wasn't this cool. Neither was any wedding I've ever attended. The bar has been raised.



Keera said...

I drink bottled water only when getting a drink from the tap isn't an option. I have very good water on tap in my home, while my mother, who lives in Nevada, gets bitter-tasting, fluoridated water out of hers. And yes, steel containers are the way to go instead of plastic.

That anonymous hugging looks fun!

Re people voting against nationalized healthcare: I don't know why it is that, in spite of first-hand experience with lack of health insurance, some people (R) continue to insist that socialized medicine is a bad thing. I think they are R because they just don't trust gubmint, not because they believe in free markets, state rights, or what have you. BTW, all Norwegians are told to get traveler's insurance when traveling to the US to make sure they aren't bankrupted by any hospital bills.

Bill Maher rocks, both with comments about health care and modern TV news.

Re Ohio wanting fathers-to-be to give permission before a woman gets an abortion: Funny how that law doesn't also demand that the fathers stick around and help pay for the raising of any non-aborted child.

alice said...

I drink filtered tap water when I'm home, but don't worry about it too much when I'm not -- occasionally I'll hit a water supply that tastes hard or fluoridated, but not very often.

I'm becoming more convinced by the moment that socialized health care is the only doable way to fix the system. But it's going to be a long and painful process in getting there. Sigh.

Re: Ohio, amen!!!

Keera said...

Speaking of water supplies, after hearing about it on Jon Stewart, I want to read the book "Unquenchable".

alice said...

I looked it up and it sounds interesting. I wonder how many chapters are devoted to Las Vegas... ;-)

A Free Man said...

I've been thinking a lot about bottle water lately. I do a monthly science post at an ecoblog and may make this my post for next month.

alice said...

I'll look forward to it!

Keera said...

Las Vegas isn't mentioned in the TOC but he starts the book off with Atlanta's water problems. I read the excerpt on

alice said...

Atlanta has had an incredibly short-sighted approach to development. And now they're trying to redraw their border with Tennessee lately, in a rather sad effort to gain access to the Tennessee River's water.

Keera said...

I think any place that could take water for granted under normal circumstances has been short-sighted. Los Angeles did the reverse: Got a water deal way back when that now has the currently growing states of Nevada and Arizona disadvantaged.