Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Walkman


Keera said...

Too funny! Didn't realize he could turn the tape over and play the other side. Suddenly I feel kind of smart. :-) (I still have my Walkman with FM radio in a lovely wine color.) Remember what killed the 8-track (besides the 8-track technology itself)? Auto-reverse for cassette tapes. Remember when they came up with the "auto-search" feature that would stop when it encountered the gap between songs? Utterly useless for Pink Floyd, natch, but otherwise handy. Ah, the memories, the spooling, the picking out tape that got caught in the heads… We must thank the employee at Sony who thought to plug headphones into a tape player in the first place and kicked off the whole idea of personal, portable music. No one's felt invited to start a conversation with a stranger since. ;-)

erin said...

my husband showed me this last night! HILARIOUS!!!!