Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stevie Ray

When I was in college, Stevie Ray Vaughan famously didn't play a concert on my campus. I remember being horribly disappointed -- not because I knew who SRV was at the time, but because I attended pretty much all of the concerts, short of any sort of Manilow nightmares. There's not a hell of a lot to do on a small college campus in the middle of nowhere, so we jumped at any opportunity for entertainment and horizon-widening. We just didn't always pony up to the ticket booth all that far ahead of time.

Of course, I eventually did become acquainted with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Obsessed, even, for a time (at least, I suspect, according to my spouse). And I'll never forget when I first saw him perform. Unfortunately, I never got to see him live and in person. But I did eventually see a video of him playing and I also clearly remember my first thoughts: "Wait!!!! What?!?! Where the hell is the other guitar player?!?!" All that time I was listening very early on, I had no idea that Stevie was playing both lead and rhythm (without multi tracking) -- and singing! all by himself. Wow.

So here, off of Vaughan's 1983 debut, Texas Flood (an instant classic!) is "Mary Had a Little Lamb." There are a lot of breathtaking songs on the album (the first three tracks, especially, highlight a staggeringly talented, and tight, trio), but I think this one is a vastly under appreciated effort.

And, as a special bonus, here's an incredible instrumental triumph (from the same album) composed by SRV, "Rude Mood":

Oh, man, I love the blues, and this guy brought us back to the blues, more than anyone else in the 80s. Next year it will be 20 years since Stevie Ray Vaughan tragically died in a helicopter crash (on my brother's birthday). What an insane tragedy.


A Free Man said...

I was never a huge SRV fan, I don't know why. He was a little before my time, but that's never been an impediment for me. I'm enjoying these tracks that you've posted, though.

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alice said...

I think he may just be the best blues guitarist ever.