Sunday, June 14, 2009

More on health care

It has to be said.

Oh, and Mary and Joe (update: and Kent)? Do you know that expression, "shit or get off the pot?"

It's time. Either support us getting what you've had for years, or walk away from that teat you've been suckling at for most of your lives.


Keera said...

Maher has a point about Obama coveting popularity a little too much. Lately, I've been getting deja-vu: Obama reminds me of how Schwarzenegger behaved his first year as Calif. governor. Arnold was more concerned with being popular than with doing his job and would back off and change his mind if people didn't like an idea. He ended up being wishy-washy and extremely unpopular - and changed his ways. Hear that, Barack?

Jaye said...

single payer healthcare now

A Free Man said...

We were just talking about this today. I think that we (actually, y'all) are going to get screwed. Obama isn't going to show the courage it will take to fix health care properly. This is a once in a generation opportunity and it's going to get wasted on b.s. compromise. Very, very disappointed.