Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Gay Fundraiser: Stonewall Revisted?

The Democratic Party is throwing a gay fundraiser one a week from today, and plans for the event are deteriorating rapidly while more and more people speak out. Rumors have been flying for the past week, and the story has been picked up by CBS, the NYTimes, NBC and Big-name guests have been pulling out, including HRC's national field director. Pressure has been brought to bear on Democrats in Congress. Gay congresspeople are responding, but not with fervor so much as self-preservation, at best (oh, Barney, how could you?). Apparently Democrats in the White House don't get it -- yet -- but there is probably a reckoning on the way. This a problem that will continue getting worse until the Democratic Party finally stops treating the gay community like a a red-headed step child who should shut up and stay out of sight until the Party needs their financial contributions.

I say it's time for the Democratic Party to grow some stones. Until they do, I'll be hanging out over here with the gays.

BTW, the Stonewall riots took place on June 28, 1969.

More links are on the way, probably. If you want to follow along yourself, AmericaBlog, Pam's House Blend and Joe. My. God. are all providing some excellent coverage. They're all over it.


Andrew Sullivan is in.

Jared Polis is on the field.

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