Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Stuff You Might Have Missed

Here's a real hodgepodge from the past week!

• And you thought Episode I was bad? Check out an early draft of the original Star Wars.

These two girls totally outdo Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks, but then again, they're not supposedly improvising.

• Things disappear! Like the Aral Sea and the Amazon Rainforest -- and beyond that, farms sink!

• Food from around the world: in hospitals and in schools (and speaking of school lunches, there's this too)!

• How much do we love to defend marriage?? Oh, so much that the fun overflowed from one video into another! Also, we like to mock Pat Robertson with beautiful music videos.

• In medical and curing blindness news, this is really awesome.

• Do you like to have pictures with your data? Something to make it seem less dry and less science-y? Then you're going to like these sites.

• Did you have a video made of your wedding? If so, it's going to seem so incredibly lame after you watch this one.

• Watch out, all you greedy, overbearing religious cult-like groups! Scientology has Scientologists have been banned, and those awful Mormons have been taken down another notch. Ha.

• Attention Ferris Fans! Cameron's home is for sale!

• And finally, some quotes for the week (we'll start with the icky and work our way to the more reasonable):
Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate.
-- G. Gordon Liddy, troglodyte, doing an awfully good job of making the other neanderthals of his ilk look almost human by comparison. (Update: and there's always the problem of bears.)
Honestly folks. If we paid as much attention to the sexual activities of Catholic priests as we do to homosexuals wanting to marry, we probably could have saved a lot of children from years of guilt, shame, anger and pain.
-- Helen Philpot


Keera said...

Stem cells from eyes! Cool!

And a new blog to read. By a cussing 82 y.o. Where do you find them? :-D

BTW, you're making "headlines" like the stupid media does. Bad Alice. ;-) Scientology hasn't been banned from Wikipedia. Scientologists have been banned. Banned from editing the scientology article on Wikipedia.

Keera said...

Much better! And doesn't Wikipedia rock, when you think about it? :-)

alice said...

Whoops! I've corrected it! Thanks!

A Free Man said...

Whoa, those environmental sites are more than a little bit disturbing!