Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's been lovely here at Chez 10K. Emmie and I puttered around the house all day (she getting some academic stuff done while I baked bread and did some cooking ahead for the week). Then we made some tofu curry stir fry for dinner. It was spicy, yummy and quite the treat -- we don't eat tofu around here very often because G-Dog isn't a fan, but he's off spending the holiday with his mom and brother, so we took advantage of the opportunity to eat some gross chick food.

I hope everyone out there had a great day, with your moms, kids, grandmas, or who ever else floats your boat -- or all by yourself, for that matter. Emmie and I spent part of dinner trying to decide what is the ultimate Mom Movie. We finally settled on The Sound of Music, which we're watching now. Emmie is of the opinion that Hollywood doesn't like mothers, because many more films are defined by a maternal absence than those where mom is a strong (and not negative) presence. Happy families just aren't all that interesting, I suppose.

As for linkage, here's a list of Mother's Day questions. Also, feel free to weigh in on your own list of Mom Movies below in the comments!


Lucy said...

Yay for gross chick food - looks good to me.

Some strong/positive Mom movies?

Even though I am not a huge fan of it - Forrest Gump

You could argue that since she is pregnant throughout the movie - Frances McDormand in Fargo (although you could equally argue that she is not really in a Mom role).

Which reminds me of other Coen Bros movies - I am guessing that Holly Hunter in Raising Arozona probably does NOT qualify...

But yeah, it IS hard to think of many. Good challenge.

alice said...

We thought of Forrest Gump, but Fargo didn't even cross my mind! It's an interesting suggestion! Emmie brought up Raising Arizona in the whole discussion of how Hollywood doesn't like good mothers or happy familes -- ha! There are lots more movies on that list, starting with Mommy Dearest!

A Free Man said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Alice. Glad you had a good one!