Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Creature

I'm calling this one "Standoff!" A couple of weeks ago, you got to meet Boris, the Russian Blue who lives across the street, when he got stuck in a tree. Well, this past week, Nonnie got to meet Boris, and as it turns out, Boris has some balls of steel on him.

There's a low fence that runs between our yard and the carport, to keep Nonnie from getting out into the road when we're pulling cars in and out of the gated fence that runs around the perimeter of our yard. Ordinarily, Nonnie has to stay on the yard side of the fence. But when she noticed that Boris was poking around our yard, she became very frantic -- running, jumping barking and causing all kinds of a stir. Other cats have come into our yard and gotten similar treatment, but they have always fled with all due haste. Boris just sat there in the carport and looked at Nonnie as if to say, "you bore me."

It didn't take long for me to get tired of the drama, so I figured I could get Boris to leave, thereby calming the dog down, if I just let Nonnie into the carport so she could chase the cat away. As I opened the gate, Nonnie quickly slipped through it, lunged at Boris -- and then the unexpected happened: Boris stood his ground. He was not going anywhere. He drew himself up, puffed out his fur, flung out his claws and hissed his loudest at Nonnie. And that abruptly stopped Nonnie's assault.

From that point on, they circled each other, neither willing to concede any ground and, after a few more lunges, neither willing to fight. I took some pictures for a few minutes but didn't want to let things go on too long, lest they get out of hand, so I finally separated the two so that I could chase Boris away. He hasn't been back so far, but Nonnie's been keeping a very vigilant eye out, lest he should return.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone (and a happy Norwegian Constitution Day and my mother's birthday on Sunday)! There are, as always, creatures!

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Keera said...

Heh. Mexican stand-off (or is one not allowed to say that any more?).

May 17 is a good day for a birthday, even in Norway! :-)