Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Following Your Heart

I've got two videos to share with regard to the California Supreme Court's ruling on Proposition 8 today. It was, of course, extremely disappointing (though the news is not all bad). I don't understand what's happened in California -- it used to be a cutting edge/frontier kind of place. Kooky sometimes, but generally leading the rest of us in the right direction. Somehow, though, it's become an atavistic, mean-spirited place, run by mob rule and led by old fogeys who have the state teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. It's been a sad transformation to watch.

Anyway, this first video comes from France and is not Prop 8 related, but it expresses an appropriate, though visceral, response to the day's events. Don't play it if you have an aversion to the f-bomb. The music is from Lily Allen.

And after that bit of venting, here's a video that's a little more level-headed in its response, looking toward the next battle, which, of course, is preferable to spending too much time agonizing over today's decision (the music is from Regina Spektor). (Also, sign on to the campaign -- especially if you're in CA!)


june said...

Yes, quite disappointing...and I agree...it's so very strange seeing as it's California. I'm not sure how the ruling can stand as is what with those who got married allowed to stay married. That seems very much a case for unequal treatment...if not between straights and gays, between gays and gays!

A Free Man said...

Not surprising, I didn't think the court would overturn a ballot initiative. I don't understand why it passed in the first place either, but it's a damn shame.

Keera said...

I guess I shouldn't have left home. Sorry, gang.

Alice, you are a naughty girl posting such a catchy tune with "fuck you" as the hook. Have you any idea what kind of earworm that spawns??? ;-)

alice said...

Don't I know it! I've had it stuck in my head all morning and it's a dangerous earworm -- I keep telling myself that it's ok to hum it, but leave it at that, or I might get some dirty looks when I'm... oh, say, standing in line at the grocery store. ;-)