Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coconuts & Music

Continuing on with a fruit theme for the day, I've been thinking a lot about what music I should post about next (after some Ian Hunter and then some more Ian Hunter/Mott). Lots of possibilities have been swirling around in my head, but two completely different songs of the same name have been consistently niggling away at me. So, I finally settled on a serving up a double shot of coconuts. Enjoy!

The first is from Harry Nilsson, preeminent musician, friend to John Lennon, movie-maker with Ringo Starr (a movie with a soundtrack that is absolutely legendary in my family, btw), and owner of a creepy apartment. His version of "Coconut," a cool calypso kind of thing, first appeared on an album in 1971.

And then there is the "Coconut" that came from the great jamband, Widespread Panic, on their 1988 debut album. The rhythm in this song, especially at the beginning, has a bit of an island-like feel to it as well, but it eventually works its way into more of a jam, with all sorts of delightful riffy goodness (and the lyrics are dead on about the smell of coconuts being associated with sunbathing -- it's a fragrance that always reminds me of being at the beach).

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Keera said...

Coincidentally, Nilsson's version is waiting in my iTunes shopping cart. This song was a mondegreen for me. I kept hearing it as "lion in the coconut"; it made sense in the 70's. ;-) The second song was a pleasant new acquaintance.