Saturday, April 4, 2009

Right Wing Watch

Tidbits from the Right Wing as the week came to a close:

1. Oh, but the world is coming to an end because gay people in Iowa can get married! At least, that's what you'd gather if you were hanging out with the freepers or other right wingers yesterday (my favorite comment in the response to the response: "It seems God turns a blind eye to the high straight divorce rate, pedophile priests, straight criminals etc. I didn't know that homosexuals such as myself were so powerful and could bring about Armageddon but if we are responsible it will be fabulously well run and organized. Oh what to wear?").

2. Pope condoms are selling well in France.

3. Look who is finally leaving New York (don't let the door hit you in the ginormous ass, Rush!)! UPDATE: Rush forgets.

4. And lastly, is Glenn Beck unraveling before our eyes?


Beep said...

Woo hoo! If I had the $ I would go to NYC to celebrate, with a stop in Iowa on the way back! I can't say I'm proud to see the day when Iowa has proved to be more sane and compassionate than my own state of California, but the fact really is that CA has always had its hotbed of bitter righties despite our liberal image. Whom did we send to the White House? Nixon and Reagan? Sigh.

Anyway I hope Iowa rakes in a lot of money from celebrity weddings that CA really could have used right now.

I was brought up Catholic and one of my serious disagreements with my own church is that about the use of birth control. Large families in dire poverty don't make me jump for joy and that's what a lot of the world has to live with. Popes tend to be elderly never-married men who may not know so much about what it takes to give children a good childhood so I'm really not sure they should be the arbiter of such things. Guess I'll be excommunicated now.

A Free Man said...

Pope condoms? Why not?