Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Morning

It was an early day, as we were up while it was still dark to take Emmie to the hospital for a GI endoscopy (I could have told them that she is just fine -- people with ulcers don't sprinkle hot sauce in their tomato soup -- but they had to see for themselves). I was there to provide the ride, since she wasn't allowed to drive after being anesthetized, and to generally be the good mom -- which, of course, I didn't do because, seriously, if your kid is all doped out and goofy on the twilight meds, it's way more amusing to start snapping photos than it is to be doing something helpful (and I think maybe I'll get a parent-of-the-year award after posting one of those photos for all the internet to see). Anyway, Emmie's fine and has the same cast-iron stomach as both her parents, and we even got home in time for a late breakfast (and to the news that she had a paper accepted for next fall's PAMLA conference - yay!). What a way to start the week, huh?


Keera said...

It's so nice to see a family be dysfunctional in a good way. ;-) Congrats on the PAMLA acceptance, Emmie!

Emmie said...

To add to my humiliation, I shall contribute my friend Bethany's comment on that photo when I posted it to facebook:

"You look like a high twelve year old."

Keera said...

Naw, you look 13.