Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. I've been swamped with the usual, PLUS trying to get the house in order before Emmie (and her stuff) moves home for the summer* (this year ought to be interesting, as in the previous two, she moved her stuff home, but then she hopped off to Europe for the summer -- this year, she's actually going to live here!).

Anyway, it's Earth Day and I hope to add some links to this post throughout the day, but first I have to jump through a few hoops. This will get us started, though:

To Hell with Earth Day; Long Live Arbor Day!, from Batavia's own Bill Kauffman

• Are these earth-friendly products silly?

* Boy, the spring semester sure does end early down here in the South!


Keera said...

Kauffman's article made me wish I'd experienced Arbor Day, rather than just hear of it (where I lived - the desert - planting trees was something other people got to do). It also makes me feel guiltless about ignoring Earth Day. In my neck of the woods it is as bloodless as Kauffman says it is.

Emmie said...

I want that jacuzzi!