Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow White and the Four Dwarfs?

Layoffs hit at Disney World in Florida this week. They're letting go some long-time, very loyal employees (including someone two people who are dear to me, unfortunately, which is how I came to hear of this news). This economy sucks more by the moment.

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Sandy on Signal said...

Mickey Mouse and Snow White are all expendable , but DIsney will never cut the CEO's pay and benefits. When I lived in Florida in the late 80's, Disney was the poster child for Wall Street Greed, their CEO and the Vice President were making obscene salaries. $38 million for Michael Eisner in 1988. Shareholders were outraged at that time because no one person, especially Michael Eisner, is worth that much money. The shareholders deserved the profit not Eisner and his Veep. That was 21 years ago.

Over the years, the Disney story paled in comparison to the health care, insurance and banking industries. Bottom line is corporate greed results in no one at the top caring about how the company will save money even if it hurts the reason for their companies existence, i.e., losing three dwarfs or Minnie Mouse.