Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gorgeous day!

Today was the first real spring day here in Chattanooga. It was warm and sunny, with a nice little breeze blowing. I drove out to the grocery store before lunch (the really good markets are all out in the suburbs -- those of us living downtown are still waiting for the merchants to notice us) and along the way noticed lots of trees with tiny white blossoms bursting from their branches.

After I got home, I realized that it was warm enough to turn off the heat and throw open the windows. The air moving through the house smelled wonderful while I cleaned up the mess I made yesterday when I took all the plants outside -- there was plant detritus all over the laundry room (the winter home of my herb garden) and one of the bathrooms (the winter home of the porch ferns).

Then Nonnie and I went out to the backyard and she lounged about in the grass while I trimmed off her winter coat. When I was done, it looked like there were two dogs on the lawn -- one Nonnie, and one big, curly pile of hair. I did my best to clean it all out of the grass, but the breeze had scattered it a bit, so I expect to see a few blond highlights in the nests of the neighborhood trees over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer...


june said...

I'm guessing spring fever is everywhere!

Keera said...

Now, why didn't you get a picture of the two Nonnies? :-) I like how you contribute to the local nest construction, though.

alice said...

I'm guessing you're right, June -- from what I've heard, the nice weather extends all the way up the east coast!

Keera, there may be a photo (I haven't dumped my camera yet), but if there is, I've got to save it for Friday -- the forecast is dismal for the coming week (rain, rain, and more rain), so chances are, I won't be able to get out to find a Creature.

Hopefully the birds will scoop up the tufts of hair before the rain pushes them down into the grass!