Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Creature

I'm going to call this one Two Dogs. I still haven't made it out to take pictures, but I did remember I had this photo from a couple of weeks back when I shaved all the hair off the dog in the back yard. The picture cracks me up because she's standing there looking like she just shook all the hair off.

There are a couple of notable things in the picture. First of all, check out the daffodils in the background. This photo was dated March 7th -- we really did get an early spring this year! Also, for some reason, this image draws my attention to Nonnie's tail, half of which got cropped out of the picture. Now, Nonnie is a lucky dog, because she didn't come from a breeder or a puppy mill -- if she had, her tail (one of the most expressive things about her!) may have been docked down to next to nothing. I don't understand why breeders and others continue to torture dogs in this way, but if people refused to buy their mutilated dogs, perhaps they'd stop doing it. It's something to think about.

Anyway, have a great weekend, full of fun, rest and relaxation! As always, you'll find a lot more creatures on the modulator's ark!


tut-tut said...

yes, she looks slightly embarrassed! Have a good weekend, Alice.

Sandy on Signal said...

Ha! Nonnie's expression is priceless. Love it.

Keera said...

I'm looking at those haunches and wondering if she's got some grayhound in her. Nonnie, however, looks like she's wondering about that strange dog lying on the ground.

Re docked tails: I honestly used to think some breeds had stubby tails, so maybe some other people think that, too. Docking tails and ears is forbidden in Norway.

Anyway, thanks for showing us the nude dog and the carpeted lawn! :-)

jill said...

Is Nonnie a Cocker Spaniel?? She does look rather ashamed of her nakedness, much like the creation poem (Genesis 3:7)!

alice said...

She's half Cocker Spaniel (el padre). The other half is Standard Poodle (la madre). And she's VEERRRRY cold-natured, so she doesn't like being shaved close until it gets consistently warm out. I kinda jumped the gun this year (her hair was starting to get knots), so she's been burrowing under blankets a lot lately.

Gray said...

Unbelievable. You and others rail against "cropped" or 'stubby" tails because "docking" is unnatural. Yet you see nothing unnatural about denuding your dog. Knots in the hair (fur) can be individually cut away. Better still, regular bathing all but eliminates knotting. Their coats keep them warm in cool periods and prevents sunburn in the summer. Furthermore, there is the added worry of bacteria entering scrapes and cuts and creating infections. Believe me, you would look as distressed as your dog if you were fully shaved without a reason and/or your permission!

alice said...

I'm rather shocked that you could compare a hair cut to amputating a part of the body and find them equivalent.

I've been living with this dog for 11 years. The first few years, we didn't shave. We trimmed the knots. She was virtually blind at times, had hair hanging to the floor, which twisted into uncomfortable knots, and suffered with continuing staff infections (caused by her chewing on the knots). She never sat well for brushings and trimmings, but she willingly -- happily, even -- submits to shavings. Seriously -- she lays down when the shaver comes out and sometimes even seems to fall asleep during the grooming sessions.

This dog has spoken. Your dog's mileage may vary. But in this case, there was certainly both reason and permission. We keep her trimmed short in the summer (where the Tennessee heat can be brutal) and let her hair grow longer in winter for cozy warmth. And she's a happy dog.