Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Oy, but I was wishing for that buffet (see yesterday's post) at breakfast time this morning. I was so disheartened by the options I actually had available in my kitchen that I didn't bother eating at all and now I'm really, really hungry. This next round of pictures is going to be torture (I'm meeting a friend for lunch, so I won't get to eat for a while yet).

We found quite a few eateries in Turkey where lunch was treated as an art form -- with as much attention paid to presentation as to creating delicious and savory food. While it was hard to stick to small meals (when it's hot and we're doing a lot of hiking and climbing, I don't want a lot of food on my stomach), I was happy to find that it was pretty easy to keep to eating light during the day because of all the fruits and veggies that were served with pretty much every meal. (It was sometimes tough, though, getting pictures of the dishes while they were still untouched...)

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Keera said...

It all looks lovely - especially since somebody else prepared it. ;-)