Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Creature

This came out a little grainy -- I took it from a distance and through a window. It's a longish bird, so is probably a hairy woodpecker, though it could be a downy woodpecker -- it's hard to tell the difference when they're not side by side. ... and it turns out it's a yellow-bellied sapsucker (I should have known that -- thanks Lucy!).

After a long stretch of cold weather, it's finally going to warm up around here this weekend -- they're calling for highs in the mid-60s tomorrow, so all the houses in town should empty out as everyone gets some relief from the cabin fever. I hope we're not the only ones getting a break from the winter! In the meantime, the modulator's ark is up and running! Have a good one!


Keera said...

Whatever it is, it is pretty, and has an amazing shade of red.

Lucy said...

Believe it or not - it is neither, but a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Nice shot!

sandy on signal said...

TGIF! So glad we are having decent weather. I, too, have cabin fever.