Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Worst Foods of 2008

Here's a list that didn't make it to my list of lists, but it's probably worth passing on. If you're resolved to get into better shape this year, try to avoid the following (click through to find out why):
Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolates

Wendy's Gourmet Mushroom Swiss Burger

Burger King Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger

Romano's Macaroni Grill Seared Sea Scallops salad

Butterscotch Rocks Pancakes at IHOP

KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal

Taco Bell Fully Loaded Nachos

Olive Garden Chicken (& Shrimp) Carbonara

Jack in the Box Egg Nog Shake

Quizno's Prime Rib Cheesesteak

Chili's Texas Cheese Fries with Jalapeno Ranch dressing

1 comment:

davidm. said...

Good God. That's quite a gutbuster of a list.