Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sad day on the blogosphere...

Soapblox is dead. That means that all the blogs hosted there, including such institutions as Pam's House Blend and the Swing State Project have disappeared. From what I'm reading on facebook, no one knows at this point if the blogs will be able to recover their data, so the archives could be gone as well.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the long list of blogs (see the left column after following the link above) will get back up and running in a timely fashion.

Update: well, some of the sites have come back up (intermittently?) and are posting status updates. Hopefully this will give them time to save the archives and make arrangements for alternative hosting.

More information is gathering here.

1 comment:

sandy on signal said...

Well, I see Pam's House Blend is back up and she is debating whether to stay with Paul. I think she ought to go elsewhere.

Glad you did not take my suggestion on Soapblox. Thankful we did not go with him.