Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama honored with ice cream flavor

It is Yes Pecan.
"YES PECAN!" An Inspirational Blend! Amber Waves of Buttery Ice Cream With Roasted Non-Partisan Pecans.


June said...

Always did like Ben & Jerry!

sandy on signal said...

What about Barocky Road? Ben & Jerry's needs to make a few more for Obama fans.

Mark at Common Cause said...

Ben & Jerry’s has decided to donate associated proceeds of the sales of Yes Pecan to Common Cause, a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to open, honest, and accountable government.

In addition, Ben & Jerry’s will donate $1 for each person who signs up with Common Cause on Facebook (up to $10,000) during the month of January.

Keera said...

Funny! :-)

julie l said...

Of course, if you pronounce it "Pee-kahn" as we do in TX, you'll miss the meaning.