Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noon today!

Via R. Neal, if you're stuck at work, not in the country, or don't have a TV, here are the sites where you can watch the swearing in online:
CBS News
ABC News
UPDATE: also ustream.tv


Keera said...

It was broadcast live here in Norway, starting at 4:30 pm, a perfect time for us folks who are home from work by then. No more Bush!

The speech I enjoyed the most was Joseph Lowery's; he moved me. The speaker who surprised me was Rick Warren; he sounded both whiny and uninspired.

julie l said...

Warren is a f*ckwad. Lowery was amazing. It took a while (IMO) but Obama did hit it out of the park. Michelle looked radiant! Those 2 little girls kill me. So cute! I loved Itzak and Yo Yo - I don't know how they played in that cold! I thought the poem was rather "meh".

A.R.E.T.H.A.!!! 'nuff said.

And that Obama pic above - sigh. What a guy - sigh. Brains are so sexy, nevermind the ears. :)

Hugs and congratulations to ALL.