Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration tidbits

Cheney When I first saw Dick Cheney rolling around in a wheelchair (Blofeld, Strangelove, or Potter?) on Tuesday, I was awfully surprised. Why was he unable to walk? The talking heads explained that he'd hurt his back lifting a box (oh, really?). But that didn't make any sense to me for two reasons. First, because I've been there, done that (lifting --> injured back) and the last thing you want to do with that sort of injury is sit down! Ouch! Standing and lying flat were the only options I had with my back injury. And secondly, why was he lifting boxes? Off the top of my head, I can think of at least a few million people who would have been very happy -- ecstatic, even -- to help Dick move his stuff out of his office to wherever he wanted to go. Seriously. We could have had a team of volunteers there within moments. Though in his defense, perhaps he was moving his own boxes because he was afraid that he might somehow get lured into a box and instead of arriving safe at home after a journey, he might find that he's been dropped at The Hague.

Photos You know I love the pretty pictures. Here's a collection of beautiful, huge images from the big day. A cool high-res pan and zoom image from the inauguration (go ahead -- zoom in on Obama!). A collection of newspaper front pages about the inauguration. And some great shots of Obama's team.

The Hat One of the best things about the inauguration? You gotta give props to Aretha's hat! Flickr feeds and buzzfeeds are keeping up with the aftermath!

The First Granny Mo Rocca (understandably) has a crush on Marian Robinson.

The Poster And, if you want a souvenir of the day, here's a good one (click on the link that follows the image to go to the source):


Keera said...

You know what I was thinking when I saw Cheney in a wheelchair? That all those reports that we did not have someone who had the health to take over should something happen to the president were true.

Great photo finds! The poster fascinates me as a graphics designer. Very well done!

julie l said...

Aretha's hat was DA BOMB!

You can't imagine how much I loved it! At least 250 versions of WIN. (yeah, I'm sounding like a fanboi now).

re: cheney. eff him. They'd like me to believe that that incredibly wealthy dude with a bad ticker was moving his own boxes? Yeah, right.

(off to another city w/o internet for a few days...)

fletch said...

Cheney was probably moving his own boxes because they contained all the criminal documentation on him that he won't release to the National Archives, and he can't even trust his personal staff with them.

I can understand the wheelchair tho, having had serious back injuries which made walking very slow. Yes its painful to sit down and stand up, but if I HAD to attend a ceremony like the Inauguration, at least a wheelchair would get me around without holding up the ceremony walking slow with a cane.

Jon said...

I think Fletch is on to something. I suspect the boxes full of personal papers is the evidence to try the entire administration for treason and crimes against humanity. Think of all the U.S. soldiers now in wheelchairs. Maybe Cheney is looking for sympathy. Too bad.

June said...

Not sure how I missed this...awesome poster!