Saturday, January 3, 2009

Help for Gonzo!

In case you haven't heard, poor Alberto "it ain't torture if the guy ain't dead" Gonzales hasn't been able to find a job (something about employers looking for ethics and honesty, instead of the bullshit stew spewed by Gonzo). Anyway, the kind and generous folks over at Jesus' General are petitioning Wal-Mart to hire Alberto as a greeter.
It's a terrible shame that no one is willing to hire a former Attorney General of the United States. That's especially true for Alberto Gonzales, a man who's proven that he'd do absolutely anything (lie, violate the constitution, break US law, excuse torture. etc.) for his employer.
Go check it out and help out a guy in this fresh new year. Just think, if he gets hired by your local Wal-Mart, you could stop by and chat with Gonzo about all sorts of interesting topics: interrogation, torture, memories, habeas corpus, eavesdropping, the Texas Youth Commission -- or even how lovely The Hague is at this time of year!

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A Free Man said...

Hey, why not. But would he then have to give up the cushy government pension that y'all are paying?