Saturday, January 3, 2009

Frist out!

In other politics news, it looks as though Bill "is that your cat?" Frist will not be running for governor of Tennessee.

Whew. Tennessee really dodged a bullet there. We've got enough problems down here without being subjected to a dangerous wingnut who wants you to think you can get AIDS from tears and believes he can magically diagnose people from watching a video.

OK, so yeah, the down side is that means we're probably staring down the barrel at having to spend an entire campaign season listening to the nasally spiels and squeals of this weasel -- for the uninitiated, that's the Tennessee 3rd District's own lying-under-oath, check-kiting coke whore, Zach Wamp. But on the other hand, Wamp's deranged word salads should provide for lots of entertainment in a long campaign.

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