Monday, January 5, 2009

Congrats, Al!

Senator Al Franken was certified today by the state of Minnesota. Bloggers are posting a number of videos in tribute -- many of them from Franken's old comedy sketches, and that is making me wince a bit. That's not the Franken who was elected to fill Paul Wellstone's seat in the Senate. That guy was smart and talented and hilarious, but he was a goof.

The Al Franken Minnesota is sending to the Senate is a brilliant, articulate guy who thinks very quickly on his feet. He's a Harvard graduate, an author, a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, radio show host, and activist. He's also maybe an answer to the prayers of Republicans who have been desperately seeking a new bogeyman. And while he may not be the post-partisan ideal promoted by Obama, in a landscape that is still infested with Ann Coulter and others of her ilk, that might be a good thing.


June said...

Finally! I hear Coleman's planning to file suit...not sure on what grounds. Between this and Blago...I'm already politically fatigued :-)

poopie said...

Way to kick the bitch's ass Al :)

A Free Man said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. We'll see what happens in court.