Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog for Choice Day

Here's a thought for the day. The evidence all suggests that the best way to reduce the number of abortions is to keep them safe and legal, while also providing information, health care and contraception to people -- reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and abortion becomes unnecessary. But there are still some people who cling to the idea that abortion should be illegal. Evidence suggests that these people are not terribly thoughtful, because while they claim abortion is murder, if you ask them what the penalty should be if a woman chooses to murder her unborn child, they become flummoxed.

Now, I don't believe that abortion should be illegal. If it were, women with legitimate medical reasons to terminate a pregnancy would be put at serious risk. But I do believe that if abortion were illegal, there should be a penalty if a woman gets an abortion. If there's not, then why call it a crime?


sandy on signal said...

What dissonance this is. If you believe abortion is murder, then it should be a capital offense, right? They don't see it that way because they know people perhaps friends or relatives who have had an abortion, and well... we can't go after their people for murder. They need counseling instead of the death row. Death row is for the poor, mentally disabled, and folks not like them.

Death row is not for the rich, white, suburbanite woman who has an illegal abortion.

June said...


Michelle Bell said...

I first saw the video from Unreasonable Faith, by Daniel Florien. It sends chills down my spine that people do not seem to understand the implications of what they support.

alice said...

Unfortunately, by and large, these are not people who are encouraged to have deep (or independent) thoughts.