Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Occupations

Once again, I'm sorry it's been fairly quiet around here lately -- not only because of the lack of posts but also because when I have been posting, there has often been a lack of substance to what I'm sharing. I've been dealing with some deadline pressure this week, so I haven't been able to manage my time in such a way that it has been filled with a diversity of activity.

I'm not done yet, either. The first part of this year is going to include a lot of fits and starts of activity as I try to finish up 2008 projects and get on with the business of 2009 -- which will include, on some level, (I hope) a career change. I've been doing web design work for a number of years and while I will continue doing some of that, part time, I'm also looking to get out from behind the computer for at least part of the day (or week) and engage in some large-muscle activities. What those activities might be, I'm not at all sure, and I'm certainly open to suggestion (I'm thinking that something along these lines would be absolutely perfect). Really, I just don't want to sit around all day, and when writing code is your job, you don't get to move around much when you're at work.

I've met a number of people lately who are looking for work -- either because of a lost job or because of lost income (people who thought they were retired until the Bush economy devastated their savings) and they all seem to know that in this market, creativity is going to be required. I hear nursing homes and some hospitals may still be hiring, but most other industries are in the midst of continuing cuts. One woman I ran into last week told me she's going to try to get hired for the upcoming census, and another friend is going to treat this as an opportunity and start his own business (despite his awareness that this is not the most auspicious time for a startup). Me, I have no idea what I'm going to end up doing, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

But in the meantime, I'm going to get out of town for the holiday weekend and I'm not sure if there will be wifi where I'm going, so please bear with me if things go quiet again for a bit...


June said...

Safe travels and have a great time!

fletch said...

I think if I had some spare time in that area and money wasn't an issue, I might try for a job in a coffee shop, at Greenlife, maybe do some work for one of the parks, volunteer at Crabtree Farms, work at the aquarium. A few years ago the Lookouts were needing somebody to wear the mascot outfit at ballgames. Chattanooga has some really neat stuff to do. Spring is coming soon. There should be some fun jobs around. I know these aren't career positions but they aren't computer work either. I wish I could get away from them for good.

Keera said...

Oh, that Great Barrier Reef job is dreamy!

After years (decades) of work experience, I have become very particular about the mood in the work place. If it isn't fun to go to/be at work, it doesn't much matter what your job is.