Monday, December 8, 2008

More eye candy...

Some of my fellow bloggers have been posting some breathtaking images lately. Here's just a sampling.

Tom had an adventure taking pictures of a volcano (click on the pictures for bigger versions).

Andy found a cool shot of the recent Venus-Jupiter-Moon conjunction.

Deputy Dog's 6 vertigo-inducing viewing platforms.

Discover Magazine's The 10 Most Amazing Things the Sky Can Do.

... and oh, be still my heart!

1 comment:

Keera said...

Thanks for the peeks! You've found some stunning stuff (I doubt I'd ever walk that skywalk, though!)

NASA's APOD picture of Moon, Venus and Jupiter as seen from Mt. Wilson is now my wallpaper. It includes downtown L.A. and some freeways and hills, so I got a little homesick seeing it.