Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lance for Chattanooga

Anyone who thought it's time to slack off after the big election hasn't looked at the calendar lately. Just around the corner -- in March, 2009 -- are the Chattanooga city elections. The mayor's office and city council posts are all up for grabs, and the campaigns are just starting to swing into gear.

Now, those of you who were counting on Tennessee Ticket's Joe Lance to keep you informed about all the races were probably disappointed to learn that you'll have to find another source for Joe's special brand of local political coverage. But you also might have been thrilled to learn that he's backing away from his blog because he's making his own run for the mayor's office.

Last night, Joe had his campaign kickoff, and I swung by and took a few photos while enjoying the crowd. The turnout was good, the people were engaged and lively, and Joe made a few remarks about his goals for government, prominently featuring the ideal of citizen participation. Hopefully he will be able to mount a vigorous campaign, and give Ron Littlefield a run for his money!


Bill said...

Two points:

1. I don't remember saying anything funny.

2. I'm going on a diet.

Oscar Thibidoux said...

Good luck, Joe.