Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do you remember rotary dial phones?

Louis C.K. (who was born in 1967) remembers them. And he also thinks maybe people might be getting a little bit soft.


June said...

That was good and oh so true! Thanks for sharing it!

A Free Man said...

Love it!

DSK said...

So true!

Also, my parents still have a rotary phone in a bedroom (one of those wonderful old heavy phones than can double as a deadly weapon). My older daughter loves it.

Joe P. said...

the other night i watched the old movie "Sorry, Wrong Number" and was rather impressed with how that old phone she had (looking like it weighed about 20 pounds!) kept her in close contact with so many people, and i kept thinking how that old phone was just like a desktop computer. also, since the movie was a hit radio show first, the audience was very hip to what every sound from the phone meant. a party line was much like a 'social network'. and much of what she used that phone for is exactly what we use our computers for today - communications, which might be for emergency or casual contact.

Louis' comments also make me think about people who complain about how slow a microwave is. yeesh.

Keera said...

I agree that people nowadays have no concept of waiting for something, and think that if you have to wait IT'S BROKEN!!! But that isn't just the young today. People my age (I'm a little older than Louis C.K.) are also guilty of that, because we know dialing with a touch-pad is faster than a rotary (as an example), so when it works slower than a rotary, we expect something to be wrong.

I can't complain about how slow my microwave is, though: If I set the timer for 3 minutes, the darned thing takes 3 minutes. Hardly the microwave's fault. ;-)