Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Stuff

It's my most favorite holiday of the year, kids! Simple, sincere, uncomplicated... the centerpiece of the day is a wonderful meal with loved ones (here's a tip regarding that from Mignon McLaughlin!) with cooking before -- and after, some napping, sports, games, strolling, and general fun. It doesn't get any better that that! So, here's your Thanksgiving post, largely assembled last night, after I finished up a bit of prep for today's cooking. But I'll add to it if I find any additional delights throughout the day, so if you have a chance, check back before you lapse into your l-tryptophan-enduced coma later this afternoon!

First off, here's the soundtrack to this post, because of course, it's Thanksgiving, so you have to listen to Alice's Restaurant Massacree (I certainly suffered enough as a child because of it, so you damn well better listen and enjoy!)  ;-D

[Note: if you want to buy this album, be careful to get the 30th Anniversary Edition (which is RIAA-free), and not the original album (which is not).]

And if anyone's curious, here's our menu for this year: turkey (we got a 15 lb. free-range, organic bird this year), oyster stuffing, G-Dog's mashed potatoes (which are becoming famouser by the year), gravy, cranberry sauce, broccoli-corn bake, whiskey glazed carrots, pumpkin bread, Emmie's fantastic cheddar bay biscuits, and apple pie. We'll be a fairly small group of just four or five people, so that ought to fill us up. (Sorry, no turbaconducken, and no turgooduccochiqua!)

But on with the turkey day links...

Have you turned on the TV yet? What are you waiting for? The holiday weekend marathons may have already started!

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Sorry to be Captain Bringdown here, but all that food on the table... have you thought about who participated in getting it there?

A few great Thanksgiving special TV episodes!

10 ways to give back on Thanksgiving.

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For the Nate Silver in each of us: Thanksgiving charts and stats!

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An awesome moment from this morning's Macy's parade (see it here, too)!

Vintage photos of past Macy's parades.

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What's Bush eating today? Here's the menu!


A Free Man said...

Hope y'all had a great one. It's my favorite holiday as well and the time of year that I miss the States.

alice said...

Well, happy t-day to you -- you can make up for missing out on this one by just snatching another when you can. I have a suggestion: next time any Yanks head down under for a visit, have them bring their recipe cards and you can all do up a meal with all the trimmings. Yum! What fun! Who cares if it's not the end of November (in fact, in Oz, it might feel more right if it were served closer to the end of April...).

Keera said...

After an 18-minute song and oodles of links (and a few facts wiser), I feel stuffed! A successful serving of Thanksgiving. Thanks, Alice!

alice said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Happy Thanksgiving! at 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera said...

[...] Happy Thursday, if you don’t happen to be in the United States.) I don’t have a huge link list this year, but here’s the important [...]

tut-tut said...

Interesting and eclectic link mix; I'll be back. We're (the 3 of us) having: 12-lb organic turkey; stuffing from The Mother's Almanac; cranberry/orange relish; veg. gratin from 101 Cookbooks author (don't have her book to hand, but it sounded lovely); pearl onions in brown sugar, butter and mustard; Brussels sprouts; mashed potatoes; gravy; and a ginger pumpkin cheesecake pie from an old copy of Gourmet. And I love making every bit of it. Happy Thanksgiving.

alice said...

Mmmmmm... pearl onions are one of my favorites!!!

Your menu sounds fantastic!