Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mormon Bashing

I think it might be the new black.

I don't know if they've taken up their crusade as a way to suck up to the right's (increasingly irrelevant?) wingnut base in a cynical attempt to get Mitt the dog lover into the White House, or if it's something they've been planning for years, but the end result is that they've painted a big, red bull's eye on their church -- or is it a political party these days? Either way, while they're claiming moral authority over the rest of us, let's not forget some of the loonier things they buy into...

Fortunately, some saner heads are willing to walk away from what is becoming the LDS train wreck: Mormons resign, Prop 8 Made Me Quit, Son of LDS Leader Quits -- why even Jesus' General Himself Resigned. There's LOTS more here.

UPDATE: like I said, it's fashionable.

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A Free Man said...

The Mormons can go F themselves. I never really had a problem with them - pleasant enough, clean living folks. But now they've gone too far and have surpassed the Catholic Church as enemy of right-thinking people.