Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Patriotic Are You -- Really?

Do you live your patriotism, or just give it lip service?

One good alternative to Wal-Mart in the Chattanooga area is Publix, a US company which is 31% employee-owned (plus, if you shop at Publix, chances are much lower, vs. Wal-Mart, that your kids or pets will end up eating melamine or other toxins that the Chinese love to toss into the mix). A bonus is that Publix offers many organic, free-range and hormone-free options at competitive prices.

For non-food items, buying local is always best (and with so many cool and funky shops on Frasier, in St. Elmo, and scattered about town, there are many options), but for low-cost, large-scale shopping, Sears/K-Mart is probably the best of the local lot -- at least they do right by our nation's soldiers.


June said...

Publix orginated in Florida back when I was a kid...for years only there. It has since branched out, but still seems to maintain its good business practices. And yes, kudos to Sears and K-Mart too.

bobw said...

I too grew up on Publix in FL and I'm happy to see them finally make their way up here. but I have a REALLY hard time connecting one's patriotism to which mega-company one does or does not shop at. (and sorry if I'm missing some context or the point entirely, as youtube is blocked here at work)

A Free Man said...

What happened to that "Buy American" movement? Back in the 80's it was the cool thing to do, these days I guess nothing is actually manufactured in America. You make a great point, equating patriotism with buying locally - absolutely true.

I was shocked and appalled when I found out that we have Wal Marts (albeit in the guise of "Big W") down here as well. And I don't shop there either. Wal Mart has managed to almost singlehandedly destroy small towns all over the U.S.

Emmie said...

Oooh, and K-Mart is actually trying to help cash-strapped shoppers this holiday season by promoting their lay-away plan (credit free! responsible shopping! old school!) while Wal-Mart has dismantled theirs just when it would have been the most popular because before the economic crisis, it proved "too expensive" to maintain.