Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Creature

Today's creature comes courtesy of a guest photographer -- I got out my camera yesterday, but then got so busy with meal preparations that I didn't take many pictures. Fortunately, Emmie picked up the slack, and she caught this image of the tortured dog (don't let all that comfort fool you -- at that point, the aromas from the kitchen were irresistible!), waiting for someone to throw her a bone. Never fear, though. While her plight required patience, she was eventually rewarded with some turkey and gravy, and then she even got to help us clean the plates and platters after the meal was over.

And now, on this Black Friday -- or Buy Nothing Day, if that's the way you swing -- while the rest of America is elbowing the competition away from that last $25 Blu Ray player, or digging around in the attic looking for the Christmas lights, or back at the office, enjoying a rare quiet day, or placing an order at -- the creatures are all happily lining up over on the Modulator's Ark! Check them out, enjoy this nebulous day, tucked in between the holiday and the weekend, and remember to buy local -- our economy is hurting, so keep your money here instead of sending it to the Chinese!


Emmie said...

Those are some droopy eyes!

June said...

What a sweetie!