Monday, November 3, 2008

The Final Push

This is it. Finally. Today is the last day of the campaign. After tomorrow, you won't have to listen to any more speeches! Yippee! I'll be working to Get Out the Vote here in Chattanooga for 12 hours on election day, and I may not get to post have some scheduled posts in the queue set to publish while we're waiting for returns start coming in tomorrow night. And here's a post chock full of all sorts of last minute information to keep you busy, enfranchised and entertained through Election Day...

To my friends up in New York's 26th Congressional District: your race is a toss-up! Get thee to the polls, and don't let any long lines scare you away!

Election Survival Guides: from newscoma, Tennessee Ticket and Pam's House Blend!

All sorts of people are using all manner of approaches to convince you to get to the polls and stick it out, no matter what you encounter there. If the lines are long, stay in line for as long as it takes. If someone tells you you can't vote, get a fail-safe ballot. Know your rights!

Don't let anyone or any thing take this opportunity away from you. It's too important. Or to put it in any number of different ways:

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A Free Man said...

Can't wait to see the returns coming in!

Love that NC get out the vote ad.