Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Governor Paterson,

Everyone's talking about who you might pick to be the next junior Senator from New York. I'm sure you're being deluged with suggestions already, but I'm going to add to your headache, because I have two cents of my own to throw into the mix.

My father and my big brother are both distinguished New York State attorneys with experience in local politics and my brother has recently been elected judge. (I'll have to leave their names out of the discussion here because of blog policy, but shoot me an email and I'll send you their names, contact info and resum├ęs). I think either one of them would make a fantastic Senator. They both are products of a small-town upstate New York upbringing, with the benefit of nearby access to two of New York's great cities (Buffalo and Rochester). They're graduates of fine New York State educational institutions (Hobart College and Cornell Law School; and Hamilton College and Columbia Law School, respectively). And they've each demonstrated, over a lifetime, a commitment to fiscal discipline and an openness to new ideas. I'll let you take your pick, as either one has an impressive amount of political experience, but as Washington outsiders, would bring a refreshing, new energy to the US Senate.

So there you go. I think I've solved your problem for you!

You're welcome,
Alice of Chez 10K


DSK said...

But you didn't solve it! You made it harder. To solve it, you have to choose one over the other.

A Free Man said...

Hey, why not? As long as they're loyal Dems.

alice said...

DSK: Gah! You got me on a technicality!

Free Man: enh. By Western New York standards, close enough!