Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Links

I didn't shop today (I raked the yard instead), but I do have a bit of holiday shopping to get done in the next few weeks. My goal this year, more than in any previous year, is to buy local -- from stores that are run by my neighbors, or at least stuff that was made here in the US. I've been trying to do some planning this evening and here are a few interesting tidbits I've found while researching the possibilities...

Give the gift of bees at Heifer, International (here's a nice story about how things sometimes work out well).
7 online wish lists to help you this holiday season

The XO: give one, get one

34 great gifts you can make yourself

Want to find the perfect t-shirt for someone? Try the teenormous search engine.

How to Bag a Bargain

Great sites for feel-good holiday gifts

Top shopping tips

Bacon Gift Guide

Esquire's Worst Gifts on Earth

Gifts We Don't Want

NYTimes notable books of 2008

Serious List of Holiday Online Coupons & Sales

And here are a few individual items I've run across that are either cool or creepy: plastic doodad, anti-theft lunch bag, spice jar measuring spoons, I love these t-shirts, freehands gadget gloves, dismember me plush zombie, death and taxes poster, The Best of Instructables, Volume 1, scabs bandages, fetus cookie cutter, Belkin RockStar, burning cross, wad of gum refrigerator magnets, ABC gingerbread cookie cutters, Free to Be...You and Me 35th Anniversary Edition, colour-in wallpaper


Keera said...

What the hey. Let's see what the crazies on the other side of the Atlantic are up to (I don't spend much time with the crazies on this side of the pond, either).

Regarding the gifts you should never give: Oh. My. God. Seriously?!? Those things exist and people buy them? Man, this planet never stops being entertaining! (But I'd actually like the "good nite lite" at the Esquire site.)

I'm curious about the movie "Shopacalypse", but the trailer doesn't really tell me anything except that they used a font that mimics Walt Disney's signature.

alice said...

This might provide a bit more information along those lines.

Keera said...

Thanks! Finally had enough time to look and watch and try out some links. I can guarantee you that I would never shop on Black Friday. I have never gotten a buzz from shopping (I'm such a failure as a woman; I especially hate shopping for shoes and clothes ;-) ), and I don't like crowds. (Thank goodness for online shopping.)

They have a phenomenon here in Norway called "night shopping" where once a season, all the shops in a mall or an area are open till midnight. It's the ultimate in consumerism because there is no other reason for it than to get people to shop (with "specials" on the hour throughout the evening).

Whenever I wonder if I should go see what it's all about, a little voice in my head says, "But you don't need anything. Why watch idiots shop?" and I stay home. Reverend Billy would be so proud of me. :-)

alice said...

Amen. I also hate to shop, especially for clothes. I'd much rather wear hand-me-downs (so much easier!). So, yeah -- count me out of the night shopping. I'll stay home (or go to your house for a visit!).

Keera said...

Definitely come to my house! :-)