Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That one?

There is an absolute projection of disrespect on the part of McCain. In the first debate, McCain refused to look at Obama or address him directly. And now he's waving his arm at him and referring to him as "that one." That one what?

Is it any wonder McCain and Palin are inciting their supporters into muttering racial epithets and making death threats?

I'm sure their supporters are very proud.

Country First? Hardly. McCain will do and say anything to get elected, even if he has to rend at the very fabric of our society while appealing to the ugly, ignoble side of his troglodyte base.

UPDATE: get the t-shirt (way to energize the opponent's base, Grampie!).


A Free Man said...

First of all, apologies for not being around for a while. Google Reader somehow lost your subscription for me. Damn you Google!

Second of all, can this really get any worse. I mean, the G.O.P. isn't even masking their derision for Obama in code anymore, I'm waiting for McCain - who seems to be doddering into delusion - to just call him the n word and get it over with.

Beep Beep said...

I remember so many Repubs were very angry when, in the first debate, Obama dared call McCain: "John". Instead of "Senator McCain", that is. (I guess genuflecting is still optional when addressing O Experienced Everything One, though.)

Betty C. said...

Can I call you Joe, or would you prefer "that one?"