Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Senate Bailout Package

The Senate just lost me.

They're throwing all sorts of add-ons into the new bailout package -- tax breaks for businesses, adjustments in alternative minimum tax, and alternative energy incentives -- which may or may not be all fine and good, but have nothing to do with rescuing our economy from greedy and irresponsible Wall Street crooks.

I have no idea why the Senators are muddying the water with these irrelevant tag-ons to the bill, and I don't trust them. This Congress has a lower approval rating than the worst president ever, and they're playing games with the bill that is supposed to provide urgently needed action to help us avoid an economic upheaval.

Watch carefully, everyone, and see how your Senators behave today. A third of these guys are up for reelection next month. Don't give them your vote unless they earn it.


sandy on signal said...

Did you see the 5 point progressive house plan? The Senate's plan is now 113 pages long in pdf. This is pissing me off. Again we don't know what is in this thing.

sandy on signal said...

Make that over 450 pages, it is growing fast.

Kenmon said...

There is even a college loan program that is tied to the new bailout plan.