Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pat Buchanan goes tribal

Pat Buchanan spent a little time grasping at other straws before finally going there, and feeling how silly they all were, he finally settled on "it must be because he's black." Yeah, he actually went there. Sigh.

Someone tell me again how the Republicans are a 21st Century party? That they're not interested in fostering discord just for the sake of political gains? That McCain/Palin somehow represents something different from the Republican party we've been dealing with for the past 8 or 25 years? That these people could possibly bring us a positive change of pace?

Hey, Pat! Do you want something to distract everyone from the totally awesome Powell endorsement? How about questions about McCain's health on the front page of the The New York Times on Monday?

UPDATE: go here (and then there's Joe).

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June said...

George Will went there too...though his delivery is a lot more toned down.