Thursday, October 16, 2008

My own personal cell phone tower

I have some friends who live in a pocket up on Signal Mountain where nobody's cell phone works. You have to have the landline number if you want to contact someone who is inside that house. Fortunately, there is now a program for US citizens where if you have this problem, you can get your own personal cell phone tower, built right there on your property! -- for FREE! Of course, there's a long waiting list for this service. To get to the top of the list, it helps -- it would be huge, in fact -- if you're a US Senator and wannabe president who has surrounded himself with lobbyists who work for the cellular industry, and it helps a lot if you sit on the committee that oversees the FCC, and are willing to use the power and influence that's been granted you by the American people to get free stuff and special favors from companies who stand to make huge profits if you make decisions that favor their interests.

Yeah, this is the guy who's going to rid Washington of corruption and influence peddling. He and his running mate, Sarah "Vindicated" Palin. Ha ha ha. Seriously -- that's (not) funny.

UPDATE: more lies

UPDATE: The Atlantic weighs in

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Keera said...

Meanwhile, in Norway, there is much discussion about cell phones, cell phone towers, radiation, and the lies the industry - which regulates itself - supposedly tells us[1]. One building in Bergen is currently trying to get a cell phone company to remove their tower from the building's roof, and the parties are arguing about just how harmful said tower really is.

[1]They say cell phones are perfectly safe, but to follow guidelines about keeping cell phones away from head and sex organs, just in case...