Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain/Palin Part 1: the Train Wreck

I glanced through the links I have for the McCain/Palin campaign and realized that there's too much and I'm going to have to separate the Palin circus from the McCain train wreck. So, here is Part 1: the Train Wreck...

My Holiday With John McCain, His foreign policy advisor and foreign policy experience, His government-run health care, On troop and veteran's issues, Rolling Stone: Make-Believe Maverick, Thin skin, McCain's buddy, G. Gordon Liddy, Rich on McCain's health, a dermatologist on McCain's health, Keating, McCain and anti-semites, Kissing Florida goodbye (and Nevada, for that matter), He gets TIRED!, Who is Senator McCain?, Embarracuda, Ambien Amnesia Presidency, Ineffective, irresponsible and dangerous, Out. Of. Touch, Oh, those pesky laws!, McCain’s ignorance of basic economics, Helpless, McCain goes after Michelle -- does that mean it's open season on Cindy?, Buyer's remorse?, McCain's Lobbyists, That's Mavericky Talk!, The first totally unethical ticket in history, Oh, SNAP! The Mavericks shun the maverick!, The Annals of McCain - Palin, McCain's Pandora's Box, Erratic Man

Videos: Rape victims, McTesty, McCain not a rich man (no, really?), So creeeeeepy!, McCain tax increases, Keating economics, that pesky health care issue, Maverick, MAVerick, Maverick! (it sounds like Marcia, MARcia, MARCIA!), Worst. President. Ever, Citizens Against Government Waste, McCain's health care plan, John McCain's Rage, Let them know you want the job!, Domestic Terrorism, McCain's Terrible Record on Veterans Issues, Letterman: "I just don't know if we can trust him", Selling access to McCain, He hates the gooks

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June said...

BTW, didn't you love Hilary's stump speech today! Bill came to Roanoke this afternoon, but I didn't make it up there to see anxious to see the 11 pm news tonight.