Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate

This was a great debate -- the best of them all. I loved the fact that there was actually some back and forth. Both candidates did very well, but I don't think John McCain did enough -- plus he made a huge mistake when he mocked the health exception for women, and he also seemed to confuse Downs Syndrome with autism. I'll post the link to the cool NYTimes transcript/video when it's ready! Here's the transcript/video -- now you can go revisit your favorite moments!


Beep Beep said...

McCain horrified me...I felt he had finally rested enough or took enough meds or did whatever he has to do in order to have enough energy to debate (I really don't think his health is all that great), and we got to see who he is, and he is: a really rude, arrogant jerk of a man who cannot listen politely when it is an opponent's turn to speak. He has to try to interrupt. He has to make creepy faces and come close to rolling his eyes out of their sockets.

McSame passionately spouts the neocon party line. All the policies which have failed spectacularly. And he may care about "Joe the plumber", and be desperate to keep poor old Joe from having to pay any income tax, even the income tax he would have paid under Ronald Reagan, but the 95% of us who would get a tax cut under Obama are just a waste of space. I won't even go into his disdain for "the health of the mother" during the abortion discussion. Guess women are just brood mares after all.

Well, I think it's time for the old war horse to be put out to pasture. One of his wife's homes should suffice.

June said...

I agree - all debates should follow this format.