Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's really running for president?

Seriously, who is really at the top of the Republican ticket? I had the news running in the background for much of the day, so I saw a bit of coverage of the McCain/Palin (Palin/McCain?) campaign stops (sorry, no video, but I'll put it up if I find some). McCain keeps talking about what a great candidate Palin is, and Palin keeps talking about what she would do in Washington. So, what gives? Has the McCain campaign decided that he's do distasteful that he's going to have to try to ride her coattails into the White House?

Now, granted, he is an old man who's already battled cancer four different times so far, but does he plan to serve if he is elected?

This election is getting kinda spooky.

WOW. Look at what I just found. Spooky isn't the half of it.

UPDATE: more here.


June said...

I've thought the same thing.

Wendy said...

My brain is hurting. Jesus' General also has a blog called "Thinkingliberally" (blogspot, too). With ads for Witchy stuff, and conservative snarking.

IDGI. Which (if either) are serious?

I mean, this JG is so over the top that it really reminds me of Landover Baptist. Please tell me it's not really real. Really.

alice said...

The business about the wingnut praying for John McCain's death is true, sadly.

Julie L said...

Alice, if you REALLY want to freak out, go here:

scary and evil.