Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video Roundup

The campaigns, 527s, news channels, volunteers and comedians have been spewing video like an open hydrant lately and I'm going to try to round up the last week's worth here (wish me luck!).

Obama: McCain's Lobbyist Campaign, Community Organizing, Education, On Letterman, 1982, What is Change?, On Tax Plans, What Economy Are You Talking About?, McCain's Fundamentals, Another four?, Equal Pay, Old Boys Network, Hope

Biden: America Needs More

McCain: Bloodthirsty Warmonger, On GOP Diversity, Bush-McCain Republicans, Hot Blooded!, The First Family of War, Going for the Pedophile Vote, Squirming, Protecting Sex Offenders, John McCain's Lies, Recycled Bush, Lies exposed, Women's Issues, Out of Touch, McCain's Honor, On Palin's Experience, Subtle Racism, Rove: McCain has gone too far, Rape Kits, Medical Records, Romney on McCain, Who's better off?, Fall From Grace, McCain is a Republican, Carly Fiorina, Buh-Bye, Carly!, Stay the Course!, Invented the Blackberry, Lying Their Way to the White House, ABC: McCain Flip-Flops, WHAT? Spain is in Europe?!?

Palin: Forced Gestation, Pentacostal, Wolf Hunting, Sound Familiar?, Bridge to Nowhere, Palin is a Liar, Book Banning, Charging Rape Victims, Hardball: Who is She?, The Bush Doctrine, Drags Out an Old Canard, Pork is Yummy!, On Special Needs, Pray For Us, Sarah!, The Todd, Her First Ad

Rachel: Lipstick, The Fundamentals Are Strong, Commissions

Palin spoofs: Palin in Four Minutes, Vlog, Palin is a Liar, Gina Gershon, The famous SNL skit

Stewart: McCain 2008 = Bush 2000, John McCain, Reformed Maverick, McCain's Acceptance Speech, Palin is the Bush Doctrine, McCain's Change?, Generic Off

Colbert: Repo Man, How Dare You?, McCain Attacks Obama

Bill Maher: New Rules (Republican Convention), New Rules (Cities vs. Small Towns), With Paul Begala

Craig Ferguson: Cut to the Chase

The Young Turk: It's Not Just George Bush

(Michael) Palin for President!

Scary warmonger gets ripped off

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