Friday, September 5, 2008

Video catchup!

While we here at Chez 10K have been distracted by the TV (for weeks, really -- first by the Olympics and then by the Democratic and Republican conventions, respectively), the creative among us have been churning out the videos. Here's a sampling:

Bill Maher's New Rules makes a triumphant return!

Stewart and Colbert on the Palin pick.

The Obama campaign responds to the Palin pick.

Samantha Bee and her fun pouch.

A Children's Treasury of Creepy John McCain Videos.

Cindy McCain on Palin.

• And in the category of Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know: John McCain is an ass man.

John McCain and His Roomates.

Joe Biden's Benchmarks.

Newt Gingrich (of all people!) defends marriage.

What the VP does do.

Gays straightify in the Unconvention.

This is beautiful.

• Hey, check this out, Chattanoogans -- did you know that the 2nd North American Secessionist Convention was in Chattanooga in 2007? Check out the video -- that room should look familiar (more about Palin & AIP here).

Hell's Bells.

The Weekly Evil.

I think she sounds like the police chief in Fargo.

The Same.

Palin at church (more here and here).

Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough are a couple of jokes shills.

On POWs and the Presidency.

Choosing Sarah P.

Palin's qualifications.

Vetting Emporium!

Fred Thompson on POWs and the Presidency.

My Two Dads -- this week's guest star: Barack Obama!

Joe Lieberman is a real sleazoid.

The truth comes out!

The Speech to Nowhere.

... and the response!

Say Anything, Value Nothing -- oooh, very good one!

Oy. Didn't I say no more stupid presidents?!?

• Or, for that matter, stupid representatives!

Best Yoda quote this week (also are you and your church a bunch of suckers?)!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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