Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The stupidest "manufactured outrage" so far

I can't believe we just spent a full 24-hours talking about this, but there it is, so I will ::sigh:: comment on the stupidity.

[And I will also offer a warning to the media: if you people can't get your heads out of your asses, why would I possibly continue to pay attention? Credibility is something you earn, and lately, you're not putting in any time. If the people are becoming more stupid -- and they are -- you are at least partly to blame. You could raise the tenor of the debate but instead, you chase ratings and wallow in the freaks and idiots and missing white women. But back to the clowns...]

Here's what Obama said:

Even though Obama was clearly referring to McCain's moronic economic plan (which McCain apparently doesn't want to discuss), McCain squealed and claimed that Obama had insulted Sarah Palin -- apparently John McCain thinks she's a pig (which I guess isn't all that surprising, since McCain has referred to his own wife as a trollop and a -- well, go here). Bizarrely enough, he also accused Obama of calling him a fish (Johnny will go to quite the extreme lengths to avoid talking about the issues!).

McCain has demanded an apology from Obama on behalf of Palin. No word yet, though, on whether he will apologize himself, for calling Hillary Clinton a pig:

And of course, let's not forget what John McCain said about Chelsea Clinton (while she was still a teenager, no less! -- so much for children being off limits!):
Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

Because her father is Janet Reno.
But back to John McCain and his faux outrage. Did he also demand an apology on behalf of his bestest buddy, George, when Obama called Bush a pig?

Anyway, here is Obama's response to all the hand-waving and scenery chewing:

So, let's review... Who's the pig here? Who's trying to hide behind the lipstick?
Let's face it. Lipstick on a pig is a classic American phrase. And there's just no better way to describe the McCain-Palin ticket. The 'Reformer' whose whole campaign and senate office is run by a crew of high-rolling DC lobbyists? The earmark slayer whose state this year got ten times more earmarks than any other state in the country? Whose city when she was mayor got twenty times as many? The whole operation is just one big bamboozling lie. And lipstick on a pig is just using good American English to explain it. If McCain and Palin don't like it they should have thought of that before they decided to run as frauds.
(via SMT)

And btw, in yet another case of McCain's pillaging what belongs to others (does this man have no personal boundaries?), check this out (I didn't post the referenced larcenous video):
CBS News has forced John McCain's campaign to pull above-posted lipstick video from YouTube for illegally using the image of Katie Couric. Bam! The ad remains on McCain's site.

UPDATE: as always, Rachel nails it:


June said...

Great post! I can hardly bare the hypocrisy by the Republicans and the stupidity of the Americans and the ineptness of the press. I am holding my nose and holding my breath...

fletch said...

Chris Matthews started Hardball last night lamenting that with all the problems the nation faces, the topic of the day was lipstick. He then proceeds to devote most of his show to lipstick when HE has complete editorial control (or maybe Repubs do) . I say "most" of his show because I changed the channel and don't know for sure. Idiot.

davidm. said...

It's kind of ironic that we're facing record unemployment, record oil prices, 2 wars with no realistic end in sight, a host of Constitutional problems in regard to executive abuse AND this was the 'big debate' yesterday.

You gotta hand it to the GOP. They can't govern worth a damn, but they sure know how to dumb down our political process.

John said...

Well read between the lines =Nobama said "wrap a fish in a newspaper and -after eight years (the line he has used to try to link John to George) -

it's gone to stink like a dead fish"

Dumbo then grabs the lipstick and he "used it" - don't even try to say he was not requoting the Palin line from the RNC speech...

As for Joe Biden - well at least he got it right - Hilliary would have made a better Vice or President for the Den. ticket I wonder if that is going to come back to bite the "Grumpy Old Man".

Dear Daughter said...

Is there no way to politely disagree without stooping to these pointless insults like "Nobama" and "Dumbo"? I'm so tired of people trying to argue to the opposition and then end up discrediting their remarks by making snide jokes to themselves. And I'm ESPECIALLY tired of everyone getting worked up over Obama using a phrase McCain used too when it's an obvious ploy to avoid discussing or debating anything that *actually* matters, like the freaking economy.